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Commercial and expansion

Transform your clinical practice with NESA® Non-Invasive Neuromodulation commercial.

Imagine a future where your clinical practice excels at delivering cutting-edge healthcare solutions. NESA® commercial DEMOS invite you to make that future a reality today. With both in-person and online options, we offer you the key to unlocking the unlimited potential of non-invasive neuromodulation in your professional setting.

What awaits you at a NESA® Commercial DEMO? An enriching experience where our experts and official distributors will guide you through the transformative capabilities of our non-invasive microcurrent technology. This is your chance to see, feel, and understand how autonomic nervous system neuromodulation can make a difference in your patients' lives.

Choose your path: Whether you prefer the face-to-face interaction of our in-person sessions or the convenience and flexibility of online options, each DEMO is designed with you in mind. We provide you with access to in-depth, detailed training, allowing you to integrate this innovation into your practice with confidence and competence.

Awaken your potential: Beyond learning about a technology, our commercial DEMOS are a call to expand your professional horizons. We invite you to visualize the positive impact you can make, not only on the health of your patients but also on the evolution of your career. This is the time to ask yourself: Am I ready to be a pioneer in my field, adopting solutions that define the future of healthcare?

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the cutting edge of healthcare. NESA® business DEMOS are more than an introduction; they are your stepping stone to professional growth and clinical excellence. Contact us today using the form below and take the first step towards the future you want to build.

Our on-site demonstration offers a unique experience for healthcare professionals eager to explore the capabilities and benefits of our innovative medical technology firsthand.

Duration: Typically lasting between 40 minutes to 1 hour, including time for questions and addressing any doubts.

Immersive experience: During the in-person demonstration, you'll witness firsthand how NESA® technology interacts with the autonomic nervous system. Through hands-on experience, you'll gain a deep understanding of the precision and effectiveness of our microcurrents in treating specific pathologies.

Personalized assessment: The demonstration includes an in-person assessment of autonomic nervous system changes using cardiac variability measurement. This personalized evaluation allows you to visualize the potential impact of NESA® on your clinical practice and your patients' well-being.

Scientific evidence: We delve into the autonomic nervous system approach, presenting the scientific evidence supporting our technology. This informative session lays a solid foundation for considering the integration of NESA® into your therapeutic approach.

Clinical potential: You'll discover the wide range of clinical applications of NESA®, from managing chronic pain to improving sleep quality and treating specific conditions. Our demonstration aims to broaden the scope of possibilities in your practice, enabling you to offer innovative solutions to a diverse patient population.

NESA® investment, purchase, and financing options: We understand the importance of accessibility to our technologies. That's why we offer flexible purchase and financing options tailored to your clinical practice's needs. Our goal is to ensure that NESA® technology is accessible to all healthcare professionals committed to providing excellent patient care.

Comprehensive technology and material package: When you invest in NESA® technology, you'll receive not only cutting-edge neuromodulation equipment but also a complete package of support materials. This includes treatment-specific accessories, consumables, and everything you need to start applying non-invasive neuromodulation to your patients immediately.

Continuing professional education: We recognize the importance of ongoing education in effectively using our technology. That's why every NESA® technology purchase includes a comprehensive training program. This program provides you and your team with a thorough understanding of neuromodulation and how to apply it effectively across various clinical conditions. Our training modules are designed to ensure that you and your team are fully prepared to use NESA® technology confidently and competently.

Commitment to innovation: Participating in an in-person NESA® demonstration signifies a commitment to advancing your clinical practice. We are dedicated to driving innovation in medicine, physiotherapy, and healthcare disciplines, and we're excited to embark on this journey with you.


Live Demo. Test NESA® neuromodulation technology live

At NESA WORLD®, we recognize the significance of accommodating the needs of healthcare professionals by providing an accessible and convenient avenue to explore our cutting-edge neuromodulation technology through online demonstrations. These sessions are meticulously crafted to offer a comprehensive insight into how NESA® can revolutionize your clinical practice and enhance the quality of life for your patients.

Convenient Accessibility: Our online demonstrations grant you the freedom to delve into NESA® technology from any location, eliminating the necessity for travel. With just an internet connection, you can immerse yourself in the realm of non-invasive neuromodulation.

Direct Interaction: Despite being conducted virtually; our sessions facilitate direct interaction with one of our professionals. This affords you the opportunity to pose questions in real-time and receive tailored responses to address your clinical inquiries.

Thorough Examination of the Autonomic Nervous System: The demonstration centers on the autonomic nervous system approach, illustrating how NESA® technology intervenes in various pathologies. It serves as an excellent opportunity to grasp the scientific and clinical fundamentals of our technology.

Visualization of Results: Through the online demonstration, you will witness the observed enhancements in patients with diverse conditions, supported by scientific evidence. This encompasses advancements in sleep quality, chronic pain management, and more.

Expansion of Knowledge: Engaging in a NESA® online demonstration not only deepens your comprehension of our technology but also enriches your breadth of expertise. This empowers you to further elevate your clinical practice and offer innovative treatments to your patients.

NESA® investment, purchase, and financing options: We understand the importance of accessibility to our technologies. Hence, we extend flexible purchase and financing alternatives tailored to meet the requirements of your clinical practice. Our goal is to ensure that NESA® technology is accessible to all healthcare professionals committed to providing excellent patient care.

We cordially invite you to reach out to us to schedule your NESA® online demonstration. Discover how our non-invasive neuromodulation technology can seamlessly complement your clinical practice, enabling you to provide advanced solutions and significantly enhance the quality of life for your patients.


ONLINE Demo. Hear all about NESA® medical technology live 2024


NESA WORLD® currently sells directly throughout Europe, except in the following countries, where it has an official distributor:

Accredited medical device sales licence:

Europe (2016)
Rusia (2024)

Countries with official NESA WORLD® distributors:

- Italia [IT](See video of the agreement)

- Switzerland [EN](See video of the agreement)

- Netherlands [EN](See video of the agreement)

- Poland [EN] (See video of the agreement)

- Lithuania

- Russia


NESA WORLD® currently sells directly throughout the Americas, except in the following countries, which have an official distributor:

Accredited medical device sales licences:

- Mexico (2024)
- Brasil (2024)
- Canada (2024)
- Costa Rica (2024)
- Colombia (2023)
- Argentina (2024)

Countries with official NESA WORLD® distributors:

- Canada [EN](See video of the agreement)
- Costa Rica
- Colombia
- Argentina [ES] (See video of the agreement)


NESA WORLD® currently sells directly throughout the Middle East, except in the following countries which have an official distributor:

Accredited medical device sales licence:

United Arab Emirates (2023)
Bahrein (2024)

Countries with official NESA WORLD® distributors:

- Bahrein


NESA WORLD® currently sells directly throughout Africa, except in the following countries where NESA WORLD® has an official distributor:

Accredited medical device sales licence:

Morocco (2024)
Cameroon (2024)
Kenya (2024)

Countries with official NESA WORLD® distributors:

- Cameroon
- Camerún
- Kenya

How can I purchase NESA® medical technology?

Innovative NESA® medical technology is available for purchase directly through our dedicated Key Account Managers (KAM) at NESA WORLD®, as well as through our network of official distributors. We are committed to providing you with a personalized and efficient purchasing experience.

Interested in a demonstration of NESA® medical technology?

We offer personalized demonstrations, both in person and online, so you can experience firsthand the benefits of our technology. During the demonstration, we will explore together the commercial and financing options available to healthcare professionals like you. To request a demonstration, simply complete our contact form, and a member of our team will contact you to arrange it.

Click here to access the contact form.

Where can I find more information about the demonstrations?

For full details about our demonstrations, including what to expect and how to prepare, we invite you to visit the FAQs section on our website dedicated to our demonstrations. Here you will find answers to your questions and make the most of this informative experience.

Once the purchase of our advanced NESA® medical technology is made through NESA WORLD®, estimated delivery times vary by geographic region:

Europe: Your order will arrive between 2 and 30 days, ensuring a fast implementation of our technology in your establishment.

Americas, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, and Asia: For these regions, delivery time is estimated between 3 and 6 weeks. We strive to ensure that NESA® technology reaches its destination safely and efficiently, regardless of the distance.

We understand the importance of incorporating our technology into your medical practice as soon as possible. That's why we work diligently to optimize our shipping and delivery processes, ensuring you receive your order on time.

Our after-sales service is dedicated to ensuring the continuity and efficiency of our products. For sales outside Spain and Portugal, we provide additional spare parts for the components most prone to wear and tear or incidents. This includes items like short cables for NESA XSIGNAL® equipment, as well as gloves and anklets in various sizes. This proactive approach ensures swift replacement without causing any interruption.

What happens if there is an accident with NESA® medical technology?

In situations where NESA® medical technology suffers an accident, such as exposure to water, our official distributors have DEMO devices to provide fast and efficient service. This ensures that there is no delay between the replacement of the affected device and its repair.

What if the device was purchased directly from the company?

If the device was sold directly by our company, the technical service will take immediate action. Depending on the case, we will arrange for the device to be picked up or sent to our premises for inspection and repair.

How do we handle international clients?

We implement self-testing systems in coordination with our technical service to assess whether the problem can be resolved without needing to send in the device.

If the issue is significant, the device must be sent to Spain for repair. Delivery times vary by region:

Europe: Repairs can take between 1 and 7 working days, and shipping takes between 2 and 10 working days.

Americas, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, and Asia: Repairs may also take 1-7 working days, but shipping may take 10-30 working days.

How do we ensure speedy delivery?

We understand the importance of integrating our technology into your medical practice without delay. That's why we work diligently to optimise our shipping and delivery processes, collaborating with the best multinational parcel and transport companies to ensure you receive your order within the estimated time.

Of course. International training courses outside Spain can be organized directly by NESA WORLD® or through an official distributor.

Here are some of the audiovisual records of the international missions conducted until March 2024






















Cluj - Napoca






Andorra La Vella


European Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

FISIOEXPO: European Congress of Physiotherapy

Audiovisual register: 2022

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Audiovisual register: 2023

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


FIF: Italian Congress of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Medicine


TARGI REHABILITACJA POLAND: International Rehabilitation and physiotherapy trade fair


MEDIZINISCHE WOCHE: Europe's largest medical congress for integrative medicine


WORLD SLEEP CONGRESS: World Sleep Society - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


ABMFR. Congresso Brasileiro de Medicina Física e Reabilitação 2024 - Sao Paulo, Brazil


SINUG: Sociedad Iberoamericana de Neurourologia y Uroginecología


International Course on Urinary Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Surgery, Hospital San Carlos,

Other congresses where NESA WORLD® has been present with its medical technology, but for which there is no audiovisual record:


- SEGO: Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics

- GUFFU: Spanish National Meeting of the Functional, Feminine and Urodynamic Urology Group

- ISOKINETIC: FIFA Medical Conferences of Football Medicine

- FOCUS WANDA: International Congress of Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine

- REAL MADRID Event Online: International Sports Injury Clinic Days

- The ESSE: Innovation, Pain, and Sport

- Canarian Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology Congress (SOCANGER)

Reflection on the Importance of Congresses

Participation in these congresses not only reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation but also underscores our dedication to fostering a global dialogue on advances in rehabilitation medicine and neuromodulation. Each congress represents a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, build collaborations, and advance our collective knowledge, thereby driving the development of solutions that improve the quality of life for people around the world.

Although some events do not have audiovisual records available, their impact and the connections we have forged at them are equally valuable. These gatherings allow us to be at the forefront of medical research and practice, ensuring that NESA WORLD® continues to lead with innovation, integrity, and a deep commitment to human well-being.

At NESA WORLD®, we fully recognize the importance of providing content in the native language of our users to ensure a comprehensive understanding of NESA® Non-Invasive Neuromodulation and autonomic nervous system care. Therefore, we endeavor to provide a diverse array of informative materials in multiple languages, facilitated by dedicated account executives. This ensures that healthcare professionals worldwide can access essential information efficiently and effectively.

Materials available in multiple languages:

We provide a diverse range of resources in the following languages, including:

• Full overview presentations: Enjoy 5 minutes of reading and 34 hours of FREE audio-visual content.

• Scientific evidence dossier:Access a comprehensive compilation of relevant studies and findings.

Testimonial Matrix: Explore over 1000 audiovisual testimonials from healthcare professionals, patients, and athletes.

Additional documentation: Discover a variety of supporting and educational materials.

Available languages and examples of audiovisual content:

We are committed to providing high quality educational content in the language of your choice, demonstrating our commitment to the education of healthcare professionals through the following YouTube channels and descriptive 3D 4K videos:


YouTube channel

View Descriptive 4K 3D Video


YouTube channel

View Descriptive 4K 3D Video


YouTube channel

View Descriptive 4K 3D Video


YouTube channel

View Descriptive 4K 3D Video


YouTube channel

View Descriptive 4K 3D Video


YouTube channel

View Descriptive 4K 3D Video


YouTube channel

View Descriptive 4K 3D Video


YouTube channel

View Descriptive 4K 3D Video


YouTube channel

View Descriptive 4K 3D Video


YouTube channel

View Descriptive 4K 3D Video


View Descriptive 4K 3D Video


View Descriptive 4K 3D Video


View Descriptive 4K 3D Video


View Descriptive 4K 3D Video


View Descriptive 4K 3D Video

We are proud to offer our content directly in the languages of our users, enabling us to connect more closely with healthcare professionals worldwide and to foster broader and more effective networking across different countries. We firmly believe that language barriers should not prevent access to quality health and medical technology information. Our commitment to linguistic diversity reflects our dedication to inclusion and the advancement of knowledge in the fields of non-invasive neuromodulation and autonomic nervous system care globally.

To request a DEMO with our account executive or official distributor, please do so through the provided form.

Currently, we do not offer free demonstration periods for our NESA® medical technology. This policy is due to the robust scientific evidence, health records, and university collaborations supporting our technology. The effectiveness of this technology in clinical practice largely depends on the fundamental knowledge and commitment of the healthcare professionals using it.

🔹 Clinical rationale and reasoning for initiating the first clinical steps:

• Principles of the autonomic nervous system.

• Basic neuroanatomy and management of initial treatment protocols with NESA®.

• Practical introduction to using NESA® medical technology.

🔹 Learning curve for clinical integration, addressing the doubts and concerns that thousands of clinics before you have had, such as:

• How can I effectively sell this treatment to my patients?

• How can I afford this technology?

• How can I get hospital purchasing to approve this technology for me?

• I am concerned about not fully understanding how to integrate this technology into my daily practice. How exactly is NESA® Non-Invasive Neuromodulation applied in the clinical setting?

• I am worried about integrating NESA XSIGNAL® Neuromodulation into my clinic’s daily routine without disrupting my current services.

• How can I be confident that NESA XSIGNAL® Neuromodulation

will deliver verifiable results for my patients?

• How can I ensure that my patients will adapt to and accept NESA XSIGNAL® treatments?

• I am concerned about the complexity of integrating a new technology like NESA

XSIGNAL® into my practice. It seems too complicated.

• My staff resists the idea of having to study and train to use NESA XSIGNAL®. They are not willing to invest time in learning a new technology.

• "My patients can't go an hour without manual therapy." "My patients would never pay for an hour of just sitting or lying down."

• Etc.

🔹 Specialization in Areas of Knowledge:

• Specialized courses in areas such as urogynecology and sleep management.

• Continuous updates on scientific evidence and advanced techniques.

The effectiveness of the technology depends on the willingness to apply it. Our team supports you from the very beginning, covering pre-sales, sales, and after-sales from all angles necessary for the successful implementation of the therapy in the clinic. Our medical technology is already a reality in more than 31 countries and is used by a diverse group of healthcare professionals including doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, podiatrists, nurses, etc., in both public and private healthcare settings.


We are committed to transparency and integrity in all our interactions. So, if you have any additional questions, you can contact our Customer Service team by completing the following form. We will answer you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest!

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