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The first non-invasive global neuromodulator has arrived, representing a medical revolution supported by the global scientific community. Our medical device is engineered for precision, emitting over 19,000 bioelectric pulses per minute in a coordinated manner, ranging from 1 to 15 Hz, totaling more than 1,100,000 pulses per hour. This subtle yet potent capability elicits endogenous, long-lasting, and gradual neuromodulatory responses, resulting in substantial clinical enhancements, particularly in disorders of the autonomic nervous system.

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If you, as a healthcare professional, prioritize innovation in consultation and care, this neuromodulator establishes a new standard. Enhance the quality of life for your patients with safe, effective, and non-invasive technology. Join the forefront of neuromodulation medicine

Discover the electrical physiology of NESA® Global Neuromodulation: An innovative approach to percutaneous treatment.

NESA® Non-Invasive Neuromodulation represents a pioneering breakthrough in treating conditions involving the autonomic nervous system across various fields, including neurology, urogynecology, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, trauma, sports medicine, psychiatry, and psychology. Utilizing a superficial percutaneous approach with low-frequency electrical microcurrents, NESA® medical technology is grounded in sound scientific and physical principles, such as Wilder's Law and the concept of hormesis. By targeting low impedance zones, it delivers effective and subtle treatment. Although patients may not perceive the sensations, the treatment significantly improves symptoms.

Topographical Neuromodulation: Amplifying Therapeutic Impact

The foundation of our technology is ‘topographical neuromodulation', a methodology that amplifies the impact of weak electrical signals by distributing them through multiple pathways. This is achieved by configuring a structured and dynamic circuit that encompasses strategic entry points, connecting directly to the autonomic nervous system and related physiological functions, including the central pathways of the central nervous system.

Neuromodulated Responses: A New Paradigm in Treatment

By globally processing inputs through the CNS,NESA® induces a series of neuromodulated responses in the stochastic neuronal cascades of the autonomic nervous system. This results in significant variations in the endogenous responses of dysfunctional or pathological bioelectrical systems, offering unprecedented therapeutic potential. Key mechanisms include:

  • Modulation of neural cascades in the autonomic nervous system.
  • Modification of orthodromic impulses to activate descending inhibitory tracts.
  • Activation or inhibition of afferent and downstream regulatory mechanisms of neuromodulators and neurotransmitters.

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NESA® Non-Invasive Neuromodulation is an effective treatment to improve ailments in which the autonomic nervous system plays a fundamental role.

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